Orion the Star: The Purple Purse Merman

by Jamie Skeie

Orion the Star: The Purple Purse Merman features a story about a parallel universe. A father and son are going on a camping trip, right when a purple merman encounters a flying superstar parrot. This parrot is named, Orion the Star. Orion flies from the constellation, Orion's Belt. Orion has two trusty sidekicks, dogs named Canis Major, and Canis Minor. These universal superstars help reunite and help families, dogs, parrots, and all creatures in distress. The Purple Purse Merman feels very insecure being purple and having a purple purse that glitters and glistens. The story makes you realize, everyone has a little purple in them. That's what makes every creature different and special. Being purple is about embracing life and the creatures you love.

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