Orion Wants a Dog





Orion Wants a Dog was inspired by real sentences an African Grey Congo parrot speaks. The author named his parrot after the constellation, Orion. He’s had Orion since she was only three months old. Orion was 17 years old when her words were documented for this book, and other books. These books are called If Dogs Could Talk FOR KIDS and Birds Brains. Orion also has a children's book series about her called, Orion the Star. This book series features Orion as a superstar superhero parrot, who flies from Orion's Belt, to save all creatures in distress. Orion the Star has two trusty sidekicks named, Canis Major and Canis Minor. They are two dogs who fly from the constellations to help Orion. During this adventure, Orion flies around telling everyone in her family about how she wants a dog. She just got two puppies, and she’s very excited. This story touches on family relationships, as Dad’s girlfriend, and her child is introduced. After Orion falls asleep, she goes on an underwater journey, meeting new superheroes, the Purple Purse Merman, mermaids, and even a merboy! This underwater superhero-packed adventure also features the family home. The storyline, helps children understand change while hearing a story about myth, folk, and mythology. Orion speaks new sentences every day. Every sentence Orion says, in this book, are exact, word for word sentences she said in real life. Learn, and read with Orion. Maybe one day, Orion will get a dog!