ORION THE STAR - the Children's book series

The Pink Dolphin

Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin is a children's book series for kids, dogs, parrots, and even adults. Orion is a superstar parrot who flies from the stars to save any creature in distress. The Pink Dolphin is a heartwarming dad and daughter sailing adventure.

ABC Book

Orion the Star: ABC Word Book teaches, not only children, but parrots too. Seeing the letters of the alphabet, associated with the right objects, colors, and combination, creates accurate results in improving speech for kids and parrots.

The Purple Purse Merman

Orion the Star: The Purple Purse Merman features a father and son going on a camping trip. In a parallel universe, a purple merman faces his fears,  as he shows the world his purple skin and sparkling purple purse...is no oridnary purse.

The Purple Purse Merman Book Launch is this month!

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Orion the Star - The Pink Dolphin