Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin is a children's book series for kids, dogs, parrots, and even adults. Orion is a superstar parrot who flies from the stars to save any creature in distress. The Pink Dolphin is a heartwarming dad and daughter sailing adventure.

The Purple Purse Merman

Orion the Star: The Purple Purse Merman features a father and son going on a camping trip. In a parallel universe, a purple merman faces his fears,  as he shows the world his purple skin and sparkling purple purse...is no oridnary purse.

The Pink Dolphin

The Pink Dolphin

The Purple Purse Merman

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ORION THE STAR - the Children's book series

The Castaway

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Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin (Book 1)

Orion the Star: The Purple Purse Merman (Book 2)

Orion the Star: The Castaway (Book 3)


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Orion de Stjärna: Sverige

Orion de Stjerne: Norge

Orion the Star

Orion the Star Eh: Canada

Orion der Stern: Deutschland

Orion de Ster: Nederland

Orion il Stella: Italia

Orión la Estrella: Mexico

オリオンザスター: 日本

Órion a Estrela: Brasil

Orion la Étoile: France

Orion the Star: United Kingdom