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Originally opening as a small business to publish his books, Jamie Skeie has grown to become an integral part of the business and creative community. Essentially, we are a mix of artists, printers, editors, illustrators, and designers that work together, helping clients by meeting their publishing needs.

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Our publishing team is equipped to handle almost any print design or publishing project as our staff is truly a talented bunch. From creating logos and printing business cards to doing limited runs of a bound novel, we have the creative eye, the steady hand, and professional mindset that you are looking for.

Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin
by Jamie Skeie (Goodreads Author)

Orion the Star is a children's book series for kids, parrots, dogs and even adults. Orion is a superstar parrot who flies from the stars to save people and animals. Her faithful dogs are named Canis Major and Canis Minor. The Pink Dolphin is a beautiful dad and daughter sailing adventure. A beautiful girl wakes up dreaming about mermaids, dolphins and heart-shaped pancakes. She wakes up to the sweet aroma of dad cooking pancakes. After breakfast, they start sailing. Along the way, the daughter sees a pink dolphin get caught in a fishing net. The dolphin needs help and this little girl is going to save her. Dad gets seized by the mean nasty sharks and they give him a tour of the ocean. Orion the Star and her loyal dogs fly to the rescue. A beautiful mermaid also gives this story a happy ending in this truly amazing and awesome adventure. This children's book showcases the never-ending love between a dad and daughter.