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Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin
by Jamie Skeie (Goodreads Author)

Orion the Star is a children's book series for kids, parrots, dogs and even adults. Orion is a superstar parrot who flies from the stars to save people and animals. Her faithful dogs are named Canis Major and Canis Minor. The Pink Dolphin is a beautiful dad and daughter sailing adventure. A beautiful girl wakes up dreaming about mermaids, dolphins and heart-shaped pancakes. She wakes up to the sweet aroma of dad cooking pancakes. After breakfast, they start sailing. Along the way, the daughter sees a pink dolphin get caught in a fishing net. The dolphin needs help and this little girl is going to save her. Dad gets seized by the mean nasty sharks and they give him a tour of the ocean. Orion the Star and her loyal dogs fly to the rescue. A beautiful mermaid also gives this story a happy ending in this truly amazing and awesome adventure. This children's book showcases the never-ending love between a dad and daughter.


About Jamie Skeie
Jamie Skeie was born in Iowa City, Iowa, on May 19, 1980. After graduating high school, Jamie moved to New York City and became a SAG-AFTRA actor. He lived in New York City for five years while working in film, TV, commercials, theatre, and modeling. On September 11, 2001, Jamie served as a rescue worker at Ground Zero. His heart will always go out to the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. To help cope, Jamie got an African Grey Congo parrot, whom he named after the constellation, Orion. Jamie soon invented a product called The Adventure Pack Bird Carrierâ„¢. This product benefits parrots and their owners by allowing them to safely travel with their parrot. As the business grew, Jamie moved to Los Angeles to continue developing and distributing pet products. Later, he continued to pursue his acting career in Los Angeles. Having children of his own, he was inspired to write children's books. Jamie published his first children's book, Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin, in 2019. This book is the first in the series called Orion the Star. This series features an African Grey superstar parrot, who flies from the stars to save all creatures in distress. Two faithful sidekicks, dogs named Canis Major and Canis Minor, follow along to assist Orion in the rescues. The second book in the series is called The Purple Purse Merman. Jamie and Orion now reside in the Las Vegas area, where he continues to write and publish books.

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